Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hey folks, whoever happens to stop by.  I am turning my efforts to proper archival of my collection and have been working on building up's database of japanese music, taking info from my own personal collection. i'm not sure how soon (but possibly VERY soon) i will begin selling off all of my cds there on discogs. i've got over 6000, though my intention is only to sell them within the united states, so if you live elsewhere.. well.. we can talk if you are willing to pay the shipping. i'm going to be launching a new blog and facebook page to announce inventory and availability and reviews of things i'm selling (you know, to try and get you to buy them!), so stay tuned for that. in the meantime, i would encourage you to join me in an effort to build  over the last few years the japanese inventory has been building there quite rapidly, though i dare say it has a LONG LONG LONG way to go, and it takes time to do proper entries there, and is best if you have the actual cd to get proper label information. so, if you've got some discs, help out!   my intention is not to rid myself of cds, but rather to build a sustainable hobby of hunting and buying and archiving more and more japanese music, but to do this, i have to recycle what i buy!  anyway, i hope to see you soon, and i will be posting the new blog and facebook info soon.

cheers. long live japanese music.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Susumu Hirasawa (平沢進) / P-Model

this is probably the most important thing i could post and one of my most important contributions to the digital world archive.  look, i spend a lot of money on japanese music. but i usually try to be thrifty about it and make smart purchases (at least when i'm not buying vinyl). so to be the crazy bastard who drops over $600 on two anthology releases should say something about how important they are. I remember the first time i listened to his 'siren' album, laying on the floor in the sunshine of my florida apartment. i went to another planet that day. without drugs even (i don't do drugs!). Susumu is a genius. not only is his otherworldly approach to music and composition beyond words, his perspectives on the world, technology and how to produce art are stunning. he is an inspiration beyond words, and i hope he realizes it. I was disappointed to learn just now that the Ashu-On box has been redesigned and has some bonus material. bummer. it looks much nicer than the binder version i have. you should already know about these projects so i'm not going to spend time describing them or giving my opinion on them. but get these. listen to them. if they don't immediately change your life, give them time to grow. if this doesn't do anything for you than you and i can't be friends. if you are a collector and a susumu fan and you have a good income, do us all a favor and order yourself a copy of one of these anthologies from his website. if for nothing else, to say thank you and show respect to the man for giving us such tremendous gifts that we get to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

P-Model (2002.05.10) (anthology) Ashu-On In The Solar System [V0] {CHTE-0005-0020} {Chaos Union}

Susumu Hirasawa (2012.11.23) (anthology) Haldyn Dome [V0] {CHTE-0054~0069}

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

not enough hours

so i've been working 10-12 hour days this past week due to an emergency at my workplace and them being shorthanded. today there is a blizzard and everything is shut down, so i've got some time to get some shit done finally. and as i'm cranking through some scanning of covers i've just randomly got japanese releases from 1983 spinning. i find myself and my ocd undeniably attracted to groupings or categories when i listen to music. i love record labels and exploring as many of their releases as possible. and i also love cruising a particular year in a listening session. it gives me some sort of focus of where to dig in, and gives my imagination a destination to focus on as i listen. so right now i'm just cruising through osamu kataoka, oxydoll, pablo picasso, pineapple 4.9, the razz, reaction, the roosters, and on and on.  and i realize that my listening habits have been pretty stagnant lately. i mean, for 3 years ever since the original blog went offline i haven't had much time for japanese music. and it really sucked. i wasn't happy during that time. i did a lot of great stuff with my life, but it all kinda felt a little hollow without music behind it. since i've gotten my life back to myself i've been focusing a lot of my listening on my own cd rips which i try to get as varied as possible, but ultimately its still mostly 80's mainstream, 90's and '00's. its been a long while since i've gotten back to spinning classic japanese stuff and all the crazy new wave vinyl rips that us few bloggers really got out into the world. and god damn, does it sound good. there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. i wish i could be a professional japanese music anthropologist archivist or librarian, or whateverthefuck. but where's the money in that? gotta pay the bills. gotta buy the house. gotta buy more vinyl and cds! anyway, i'm just happy to be back and sharing in some way. the work never ends. the music never ends. but life will. so let's enjoy the fuck out of it with some fucking music.

cheers.  hope you find some cool shit here. peace.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


decided to go ahead and share my old vault directory as well. those are not my rips, so i can't do anything about quality. but. feast.

Sorede Yokatta No Ka? (それでよかったのか?)

I am at a loss why no one has ever heard of this group. i got them randomly just cruising a marketplace. i saw the cover for the single and noticed the kinda dark look to it and that it had two girls in the group. sometimes a promising looking cover is all i need when it only costs 100 yen. and very rarely do i turn up a lemon. this would be the opposite. so here we have female vocalst, piano, bass and drums. there's not a lot of piano rock groups out there, and out of those there aren't a lot that really fucking rule. if you like piano rock and or female fronted japanese bands then i have a lot of confidence that sorede yokatta no ka is going to quickly jump to the tops of your playlists. I'm not gonna bother picking apart what they sound like. i'm just going to tell you that Trauma is a must fucking hear album. p.s. all the tracks on the single, unfortunately, are taken from the album. so its 100% redundant.

Sorede Yokatta No Ka (2000.11.15) (album) Trauma [V0] {UMCK-4001} {Kitty MME Universal Music Company}

Sorede Yokatta No Ka (2000.11.15) (single) Mudai [V0] {UMCK-5505} {Kitty MME Universal Music Company}

Sodom (ソドム)

sodom started out as a dark new wave industrial type group in the 80's and then somehow decided they wanted to go straight electronic/house. i don't have any of their early material on cd yet (though i do have a vinyl copy of tv murder that i have yet to rip), but i have managed to scrounge up some of their early 90's electronic stuff, which was released on some damn cool labels. its pretty cool, though still remains head scratching to me how they got to where they did from where they started.

Sodom (1989.04.21) (album) King Of House [V0] {GONG-6001} {Bang A Gong Captain Records}

Sodom (1990.07.01) (album) P.E. Peak Experience [V0] {EGO-004} {Transistor Record}

Sodom (1991.04.01) (album) Sodom [V0] {ALCA-119} {Alfa Records}

Uchoten (有頂天)

you probably don't need a history lesson on uchoten and why they are one of the most important bands for our little japanese fanboy communities, but i'll give you a couple bullet points. uchoten was fronted by the man behind the curtain, kera. kera was the man behind nagomu records who were front runners in an amazing new wave scene of japan, and even had such an impact to form loyal fan boys and girls who called themselves nagomu boys and nagomu gals. i can't even imagine how cool it must have been to be around that scene. uchoten's own music is no less impressive. its as fun as it is creative, and as catchy as it is those things. its japanese 80's at its finest and should be tasted at least once by everyone who loves music.

Uchoten (1986.05.00) (1988.12.21) (album reissue) Because [V0] {CAP-1007-CD} {Captain Records}

Uchoten (1990.06.30) (album) A Town That Colorful Merry Fell [V0] {TOCT-5659} {Spearhead EMI}

Uchoten (1990.11.14) (album) Deccacci [V0] {TOCT-5892} {Spearhead EMI}

Uchoten (1992.10.00) (anthology) Vegetable 1984-1987 [V0] {NG-077} {Nagomu Records}

Sine Sine Dan (死ね死ね団)

This group (who often got romanized as shine shine dan, though on the nagomu comp it is clearly officially sine sine dan) got started way back on the nagomu records days.. i was thinking about holding out and doing a full nagomu records post cuz i just ordered i think 3 more of their anthology releases.. but i'm listening to these guys right now.. and it'll be a couple weeks before i get those, so whatever. these guys have an affinity for the hardcore punk side of things, doing some splits with crazy groups like qp crazy and whatnot.. but really musically there's a depth and texture to them that far exceeds any sort of punk tag. when they got started on nagomu they were certainly one of the more flamboyant and punk based groups for the label, but they still had that new wave post punk quality to them. For a group that has been around so long and has a decent sized catalog it is remarkably hard to stumble across their cds, so here are the only two i've scored thus far. highly recommended.

Sine Sine Dan (1999.11.09) (album) Baka no Tensai [V0] {DR-002CD} {Dai Nippon Record}

Sine Sine Dan (2005.12.07) (anthology) Nagomu Collection [V0] {DDCH-2512} {Nagomu Records}

Getting There

so i get my one day off this week today, and looking forward to writing up some posts. just now i reformatted my share directory on slsk and broke things up into rough genre folders to help make it easier for people to dig through stuff. these are ROUGH ballparks of genre.. cuz.. you know.. there's a lot of room for variability between genres. so whatever. despite what's up here on the blog i have over 200 rips up in slsk so far. just a tiny drop in the bucket, i know. but we're gettin' there. gonna spend a good portion of today trying to get more of that stuff up and scanning and stuff while i recover from a long ass work week.

Monday, January 19, 2015

how's everyone doing?

hey folks. haven't had a lot of time to post this week with busy work / friends / family schedule.  have the day off today, but i'm focusing on getting flacs up on what today. just thought i'd pop in and say hello. there has been a lot of activity on soulseek, which is nice to see! it'd be nice to see even more! i've got a decent number of albums up there that i haven't posted on the blog yet, so feel free to poke around. i'll be adding a lot more this week, i promise!

also, i'm getting ready to fire up full-on resale of japanese cds. i feel like the biggest marketplace is ebay, but they take such a high percentage on sales that it seems silly. maybe the rarer, hard to find stuff i'll put up there. i would love to support and their incredible marketplace and i've begun to put some stuff up there very slowly, but i'm not 100% sure that's going to be my home for resale either, plus it's a lot of time to add entries for stuff that isn't there already, which is a very worthwhile endeavor.. just time consuming. still pondering. i might use discogs but then create a blog/facebook site as promotion. not sure yet. just thought i'd mention it in case anyone here is interested in buying stuff.

anyway, have a good day. i'll probably do one post here later today for the blog i guess. why not! flac lovers, get on what already. need more japanese love there.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Miharu Koshi (コシミハル)

i don't have a lot of her releases (yet) because they tend to be quite pricey, but every once in a while a couple pop up for reasonable prices, and when i can, i snag them. Miharu started out with killer new wave synth pop material. always kinda on the weird side. i think frank chickens were probably big fans of hers, or vice versa, if that says anything (hopefully it does). Hopefully i can score discs of some of these at some point. she's got some weird kind of obsession with french influences that i don't know much about, but make for really interesting crossovers in sounds that you don't frequently hear in japanese stuff, frequently ending up in a sort of synth pop french opera nonsensical delight.  the albums i have here lean very heavily toward that french influence, with almost a carnival-esque or circus kind of vibe. like french cabaret theater music. Passepied and Source D'espoir are essentially all instrumental plus lyric-less melodic vocal passages. Chanson Solaire sees a lot of the same musical elements but with much more active lyrical voice parts.

Miharu Koshi (1989.10.25) (album) Passepied [V0] {00FD-7125} {Fun House Inc.}

Miharu Koshi (1992.10.01) (album) Source D'espoir [V0] {FHCF-2030} {Fun House Inc.}

Miharu Koshi (1995.10.25) (album) Chanson Solaire [V0] {FRCA-1002} {FOA Records}


Manna was a request made by someone back on the original blog a long long while back. i had never come across her stuff anywhere but eventually managed to get my hands on some of her discs to rectify the situation. i got kind of a trattoria records vibe from the album covers so i was fairly confident i wasn't wasting my money, and i wasn't far off. while manna isn't someone i will probably frequently play, her mellow but happy pop isn't something i'll hit the skip button on either. she's got kind of a silky lounge pop style. almost bossa nova-esque.

Manna (1991.09.21) (album) Manna [V0] {ALCA-179} {Alfa Records}

Manna (1992.02.21) (single) Happening [V0] {ALCA-260} {Alfa Records}

Manna (1992.07.01) (album) Blue In Green [V0] {ALCA-326} {Alfa Records}

Manna (1995.03.25) (ep) L'ange Et Le Diable [V0] {KTCR-1530} {Kitty Records}

Secret Goldfish

Secret Goldfish were a group that i had never caught notice of over my long run in digging around the depths of the internet for japanese music. but, wonder release records was a label i had taken notice of and one day in searching the marketplace for WRR material, i saw a Secret Goldfish album for cheap, so into my basket it went. The sound is about what i anticipated from the label and the album artwork, and to me, that was a good thing. its sort of a hybrid between the jangly upbeat alternative rock of Pre-School (a WRR alumn) and the floaty shoegazey sounds of Venus Peter (another WRR mainstay). Quality shit, in other words.

Secret Goldfish (1993.06.25) (album) Tasted The Bee [V0] {WRR-17} {Wonder Release Records}

Secret Goldfish (1994.03.24) (album) Pop 69 [V0] {AJA-1202} {Aja Records}

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friction, etc.

I don't have a lot of material by this essential group, but i'm listening to 'skin deep' right now and figured i should get this shit up, cuz why not. friction is one of the most important and influential early 'punk' bands, though in my mind they are far more deserving of the new wave or post punk tags. my history here is not as substantial as it should be, so i can't write you a biography of friction and it's members, but i'm sure there are some substantial details out there. but what you should know is that its members came from important groups, and would be members of other important groups, and its a web well worth getting stuck in. both Reck and Chico Hige had been performers in the early 70's psych abstact brain melters ○△□ (Maru Sankaku Shikaku). i imagine this group must have been some sort of art house theater group who made people go 'huh?!'. and you can see a lot of this mentality survive in friction later. in between there was 3/3 (which unfortunately i don't have discs of), who were getting more into the punk and classic rock influences. then came friction who sat sort of in between the two, going more new wave. friction members would come and go, and often their replacements were noteworthy musicians, including the drummer Sato Minoru who came from the amazing group akebono jirushi (whom i only have on vinyl, and won't be sharing those rips... yet...) and would move on to super group Rosso. there are many other connections throughout the history of friction, but the only other one that i actually have something to share from is the solo material of the great chico hige. a few of his records are fairly easily found around the music trading world, but i stumbled upon another release of his that i hadn't seen make its way onto the internet on the incredible transistor record that i am so obsessed with. this sexy little ep is a groove-filled new wave rock gem in my opinion.  all of these releases have tremendous amounts of power for you to behold. don't delay.  also, it would be totally inappropriate to not mention that the original pressings of some of these were released on the incredible Pass Records, with reissues handled by the delicious Wax Records.

Maru Sankaku Shikaku (1973.00.00) (2001.12.24) (album reissue) Maru Sankaku Shikaku [V0] {CTCD-362-364} {Captain Trip Records}

This album had mail-in bonus records called Four and Five. I have never seen a rip of 5 anywhere and this reissue only covers the first three official records. unfortunately, somehow, captain trip records thought it was ok to press this as a lossy master (meaning frequencies have been filtered out) from vinyl sources. 

Friction (1980.00.00) (1988.09.25) (album reissue) Atsureki (1980) [V0] {32WXD-106} {Wax Records}
this album, often hailed as one of the more essential discs in japan rock history, is frequently titled as Friction in the western world, but the spine and obi give the actual japanese characters 軋轢 which translates to Atsureki, which means Friction. I choose to use Atsureki as the title. 

Friction (1980.00.00) (single reissue) I Can Tell (1980) [V0] {WAX-13} {Wax Records}
This release is frequently listed as Pistol i guess because of the cover, but is clearly labeled as I Can Tell c/w Pistol, as I Can Tell was the original A-side. The reissue has no clear release date, but based on the cat # it is probably 2001 or 2002.

Friction (1982.00.00) (1989.00.00) (album reissue) Skin Deep [V0] {22WXD-127} {Wax Records}

Chico Hige & The Unit (1991.07.21) (ep) Chico Hige & The Unit [V0] {TAX-027} {Transistor Record}

Thursday, January 8, 2015

War Painted City Indian

First things first, i've been working long hours this week, and will be for at least the next two weeks. but fear not, it won't prevent me from this grand relaunching of the vault. it will only slow me down.. a little.  so i might not be able to post a review and files to my director every day, though i will do my very best. but despite what might be up here on the blog, i will be adding additional files to my directory on slsk as much as possible. for instance, today i am only doing this one review, but i'm dumping rips of about a dozen other artists into my directory right now for you to paw through. so go check that out.

sometimes its overwhelming, especially at the beginning, to decide where to start from.. and the only thing i can think to do to keep from having my brain explode is to just start SOMEWHERE and just go in order. so i started at the top of one of my shelves, which happens to start at the letter S, and started the scanning process (which for most of my collection is the last step i have before i share.. MOST of my stuff is all ripped and cataloged.. just need to get high quality covers in there before i share them).  the stuff that pops up in my directory hopefully will all eventually have reviews/suggestions/mentions here on the blog, but for now i figure it will give some of you more stuff to dig though while you wait for me! eventually, hopefully, my entire collection will be available for you all to dig through at your leisure. but we've got to start somewhere, right?

NOW, My attraction to War Painted City Indian (sometimes credited as just City Indian) was almost immediate. they look crazy punk. their album covers are crazy punk. they have a cool name. and then when i put them on the music was like the perfect blend of oldschool thrash and oldschool punk and i was hooked. I don't really have a whole lot else to say about them, aside from the fact that they remain one of my favorite groups ever, for reasons i can't fully explain. but i guess that's the beauty of music. sometimes it just hits you. WPCI saw some incredible reissues a couple of years ago and i vowed that i would get myself copies, regardless of cost. and i did. though their full length album Howling On Fire was also reissued, i ended up landing an original pressing of this one for cheaper, so i didn't end up getting the reissue. at some point i probably will try to, just cuz. but for now i've just got the original. the anthology reissues are absolutely incredible though with pretty much everything this group ever did, previously only released on vinyl or not at all.

War Painted City Indian (1991.10.25) (album) Howling On Fire [V0] {M.L.R-001} {Monster Laboratory}

War Painted City Indian (2013.04.24) (anthology) Complete Discography [V0] {BOMBCD-108} {Time Bomb Records}

War Painted City Indian (2013.04.24) (anthology) W.P.C.I. Dynamite Years [V0] {BOMBCD-110} {Time Bomb Records}

Monday, January 5, 2015

Field Works Label

Well, since my last post brought up the notion of record labels, for this post i'm going to do a few pretty obscure groups all in one, all united by the completely under the radar independent label Field Works. I don't believe I have ever had any reason to take notice of Field Works, or had heard of them in any fashion whatsoever until i grabbed a cheap Supersnazz EP because it was supersnazz and i had never heard of the ep before. when i got it i took notice of the record label and looked a little deeper. why was there a supersnazz ep (very very early supersnazz) that i had never heard of? what other forgotten releases was this label responsible for? turns out, a shit ton. i know their catalog put out at least 60 releases.. nearly all of which are groups i've never heard of before, so the quality of these releases is unknown... but i am of course attracted to these like a mosquito to your face, so i will hunt down as many as possible. (it intrigues me even more that the ones i can locate on amazon japan used tend to go for giant buckets of cash) I don't know who Field Works was or what their motivation was.. but it seems like the majority of their catalog are groups who never managed to record any other releases. one and done's. its a curious thing, don't you think? it would make sense if they only put out 8 or 10 recordings.. but at least 60!? that's a lot of work for groups who never amounted to anything. that's the kind of shit i find fascinating. So far i have managed to snag 5 releases. I think it is noteworthy too, to notice that all 5 of the things i have found so far are really from entirely separate genres. And they are interesting enough to keep my hunt on for more. 

Supersnazz, named as The Super Snazz on this early release, has always been a female fronted garagey punk band, but their lineup has changed a lot over the years and it seems vocalist michi (as michiyo here) is the only founding member to make the full journey. In this early version of the group there definitely seems to be a little more 'girly' vibe going on, especially vocally. as the group would later get punkier i think michi got a little less squeaky. fans of the band will be interested in this release though, and otherwise, if you are into girl bands and punky garage, there's nothing to complain about here. a quality release. their sound here clearly isn't yet their own as they pull primarily from sort of 50's doowop bubble gum pop vibes. they do it well, but you can tell its mostly imitation at this early stage in their career.
Supersnazz (1991.07.21) (ep) Groove In! [V0] {FWCR-19} {Field Works}

Bran-New Lover is one of those in-between bands. i mean, come on.. look at that cover! they don't strike me as a 'visual kei' band necessarily, but i think they were damn close. they've got a similar sound to some of the groups who were in the process of inventing the genre (don't fucking argue with me about visual kei being a genre, bitch), with that sort of post goth new wave influence, but at times they also sound kinda just like a plain old rock band. not quite hard rock or blues, but close. ya know what i mean? no? good. anyway, i think this ep is quite delicious. you should give it a spin.
Bran-New Lover (1991.07.21) (ep) Bran-New Lover [V0] {FWCR-20} {Field Works}

Love Chameleons are a fairly generic rock group and there's only three tracks here to judge them on, but don't let that word deter you from checking them out. their groove is consistent and enjoyable and their vocal melodies are sufficiently catchy. 
Love Chameleons (1991.10.21) (ep) Higher [V0] {FWCR-30} {Field Works}

I was super excited to get my hands on BabooShka once i saw a picture of the cover. i was hoping for a mind blowing jun togawa-esque new wave trip or something like mahalik halili. i mean, a girl band dressed like gypsies on a cool indie label from the early 90s. come on! well, i was a little disappointed, but that's really my own fault for letting my expectations get out of hand. but really, this ep is still quite good. its a little poppier than i wanted it to be, but truthfully, its pretty decent pop. (watch out for those synths on the first track though. yikes!) in fact.. once you get past the first track, which is completely skip worthy you do get into some pretty eclectic grooves. tracks 2, 4 and 5 are all pretty interesting in their own rights, with Egypt being probably the closest to what i wanted this group to sound like in my head, and could easily sit in playlists next to some of your favorite new wave girls of the time.
BabooShka (1992.01.21) (ep) BabooShka [V0] {FWCR-39} {Field Works}

Ray-la are hold-over 80's hard rockers with a desire to blow up the big stadiums with chanting fans and pumping fists. Unfortunately I guess they didn't make it. But they sound like they could have! High energy, fat riffs, wailing vocals. What more could you want from hard rock? I actually like this little ep better than some of the more famous hard rock groups of the time. 
Ray-la (1992.07.23) (ep) Demo [V0] {FWCR-57} {Field Works}

Sunday, January 4, 2015


just a quick post for today, but i didn't want the day to go by without offering anything at all. Sarry is a group i've had my eye on for quite a while. if you were around during the old days than you should remember that i am obsessed with record labels. well sarry was part of gyuune cassettes output, and thus landed on my must find list. i managed to snag one of their cds somewhat recently and have been listening to it a lot the last week. Sarry are a duo that make ethereal drone music. take your pick of descriptors. dreamy. psychedelic. whatever your pleasure is. regardless of the word, sarry is a group you can get lost in and drift away on. there's a darkness to it that feels somewhat ominous though so it might be made of the stuff of nightmares rather than dreams.

Sarry (2008.12.25) (album) Φ [V0] {CD95-41} {Gyuune Cassette}

Saturday, January 3, 2015

C.Memi + Neo Matisse

C.Memi might be known to you thanks to some other bloggers back in the day and their rips of her highly prized heavenly peace ep or her single with neo matisse 'no chocololate'. if you are like me, those are the only releases you had ever heard of. i had never really poked around looking for more, but those were the only things i had ever heard of or seen. until i happened to be browsing a webshop and saw Neo Matisse 1982 Koyasan (ネオマチス1982高野山) for sale. for 150 yen.  yeah.  you read that right.  considering heavenly peace fetches well more than $50 (there's one on discogs for $118 right now), i almost shit my pants. granted, its not an out of print vinyl. but its a cd release that no one has ever heard of from an almost non-existent new wave master. so yeah. i had to have it. and i got lucky. real lucky. and this is exactly what blogs are all about, right? uncovering the lost mysteries of the musical universe?! C.Memi's solo ep is dreamy and for the most part pretty quiet, and very much feels like a solo endeavor of the times. however, neo matisse is a full-on band. the production here is a little fuzzy and jumbled in my opinion, with the guitar pretty heavily laden in effects and her voice seemingly somewhat distorted for some reason. but regardless of the production qualities or choices in fx, i really have no reason to complain! this is 1982 new wave, after all. i should mention that i have NO IDEA what this recording is. was this originally a vinyl that has never seen the light of day on the web? is it a lost recording found and issued in 2003 for the first time? i dunno. maybe someone else can find out somehow. but the credits do say it was recorded in koyasan in 1982. now, i wouldn't say that this is a brilliant album necessarily, or 'essential listening' material. but my affection for things of this sort far exceed the normal person. in my opinion, the album is god damned fantastic, but i can see its shortcomings as well. i will say that track two, john is the god, makes me want to fuckin jump around and celebrate music as some kind of fucking diety. if i were in a cover band, this song would be in our set, even though no one would know what the fuck it was. and we would rock it. so hard. the middle of the album sees things slow down and the male vocals provided by toru saito take the front seat while c.memi doesn't sing at all. these tracks kind of remind me of early-ish salon music tracks. but fear not, c.memi jumps back in after a couple of these slower bits and the album closes with another dance-worthy number and an epic 8 minute new wave journey. so, feast on some uncovered gems. you are welcome. internet police be damned. people deserve to hear this shit.

C.Memi + Neo Matisse (2003.12.14) (album) Neo Matisse 1982 Koyasan [V0] {off-song 001}

Friday, January 2, 2015

Metro Farce (メトロファルス)

Metro Farce gets my first nod on the blog as 'essential listening'.  Early connections with nagomu records, several releases on captain records, some egg man releases, and Lion Merry's giant mane of hair should all be reasons enough for you to want to check out Metro Farce. musically these guys are brilliant and pleasurable in every way. Early releases have the crazy upbeat new wave elements you'd expect from nagomu contributors. 'Gaia' found them getting a little more grounded with an earthy almost holistic type of new wave sound that i can't quickly compare with anyone else. followed up by 'good morning mr. talisman' which ends up feeling like a rapid departure (yet still wholly satisfying as part of their catalog) into pop rock as only new wave geniuses could do. the latest release that i have by them, 'limbo shima', finds them coming full circle back towards the Gaia sounds with more organic and folk sounds joining the frey yet time and maturity seems to have brought them to a masterpiece of an album.  there are many more albums in their catalogue that i will seek out with great fervor (i find myself equally excited by tracking down their first three albums as i do finding their most recent releases.. not many bands can put out such quality material at either end of such a lengthy career), but for now, this will have to wet your whistle. There have been a few other 'perfect' rips shared recently in various places, but as i've said before, currently i will only be sharing my own rips.

Metro Farce (1985.12.00) (live reissue) Touzoku Domono Yakaifuku [V0] {ECD-2301} {Egg-Man Co.} (1997.03.15)

Metro Farce (1986.10.10) (album reissue) Past Future Animators [V0] {CAP-1035} {Captain Records} (1989.09.05)

Metro Farce (1987.02.00) (album reissue) Stands [V0] {CAP-1036} {Captain Records} (1989.09.05)

Metro Farce (1988.00.00) (album reissue) Gaia [V0] {CAP-1037-CD} {Captain Records} (1989.09.05)

Metro Farce (1989.09.01) (album) Good Morning Mr. Talisman [V0] {HOOP-20342} {Polydor K.K.}

Metro Farce (1990.02.25) (ep) Sharakuseiya [V0] {HOOP-20375} {Polydor K.K.}

Metro Farce (1996.01.25) (album) Limbo Shima [V0] {ECD-3001} {Egg-Man Co.}

A Word From Our Sponsors

So yeah, I'm just diving in with this new idea, feel free to comment or ask questions, or send requests or suggestions.. whatever. slsk is pretty self explanatory and easy to get and set up, so i hope to see more of you in there. only a couple have jumped in so far, so we'll see how it goes. if we can keep it up it would be cool to build a nice little community / database. right now the only things i'm putting into my share directory are the things i post on the blog of my own personal rips. this is mostly because i have to do a few things to prep them for proper sharing. (oh yeah, and for slsk i've decided to only do mp3 since that seems to be where most people's interests are.. if you want flac, get the hell on already). so this is why it will be slow at first:

a) rename my folders. i had settled on a format for a different purpose than i used to use, and i don't like it, so i need to rename them as i prep them. i have kept my own rips in a separate directory.. so its time to get this thing organized properly.

b) finally properly set up my tag info with scans and record labels

c) scan, edit, export front covers for most of my rips. i neglected this for a long time, so i'm finally doin it.  i wanted to do full scans for archival but with the number of discs i have, this is simply not possible at this time.

d) make rar files and dump them in the proper directory.

i'm kind of OCD, i know. but i'm tired of the fuckin mess that comes with downloading shit from most people. so i'm not gonna do that to you!

as i get a rhythm for these things (and some free time outside of work), i should be able to start building my directory quite quickly. probably this coming week i'll get a lot more stuff in there now that the holidays are passed.


tell all the bitches who have wandered off to get back to the voodoovault. let's get this shit going


i am going to go ahead and edit this post, cuz i feel like it, and i can do whatever i want, plus not many people are actually here yet to have already read this post once... ANYWAY.  i'm really fuckin thankful to finally be back in a place in my life where i can fall in love with all this music all over again. the last three years have been a long and bumpy ride, and most of the reason why the blog and myself completely disappeared is because i didn't have time to fix any of it because i was occupied with LIFE. but now it is MINE again. and so i hope we can get some people here to go along for the ride and get our japanese music on. cuz to me it's like fucking food and water. it's my life and energy, and i've been wilting for three years and its time to get fuckin ripped on japanese music. (and maybe lift some weights and jump on that bike while we're listening to it, yeah?) anyway, its good to be back, no matter how slow the start is. i'm dedicated to getting this archive sorted and out to you motherfuckers and talkin about cool bands from the east. 2015, let's fucking rock, bitch.

p.s. did i tell you i had all my shit stored in boxes in the basement (cuz i had to, life sucks) and my basement flooded? this was like 5 months ago... FORTUNATELY only the bottom 3 boxes bit the dust, but casualties are casualties and i lost about 150 cds (artwork died, cd's are fine), water damage and some complete casualties to my indies mags, nearly complete and catastrophic loss of my cassettes (goodbye gyuune cassette collection, and all my fuckin yximalloo tapes that i bought directly from him, and a bunch of really obscure releases that i'm sure i will never ever see again).  it was a heartbreaking experience.. but live and learn i guess. anyway, i figured i'd share that little cunt of a story while i was wasting your time typing. PEACE

The Genbaku Onanies (The 原爆オナニーズ)

I mentioned I had grabbed the genbaku box set published by youth inc when i got sekiri, so i figured now is as good a time as any to introduce that. I don't know a whole lot about the history of the band, but i do know that their members included former members of friction, the star club and the stalin, and if that isn't pedigree enough to make punk lovers want to check them out, i don't know what is. they had a raw sound similar to all of those bands mentioned as well. i had only ever been able to get my hands on the desert island disc, so when i saw the price of the box set i jumped on it. in comparing the original pressing of DID to the box version there is definitely at the very least a volume adjustment, bringing up the db's from the old mastering. early genbaku songs tended to be classic punk with short durations and thumping rhythms. the rhythm section and production of the bass guitar give it that classic japanese early 80's punk/new wave sound. in the late 80's, early 90's their sound would slow down periodically and be a little less 'punk', but '93's all the way album would return to a fast and punchy punk sound. The set includes just another the genbaku onanies, not another the genbaku onanies, onanies at last, genbaku headquaters, on time ~ live at open house, desert island disc, all the way, step forward, kekkan butchi kire at la mama.

The Genbaku Onanies (2012.10.17) (anthology) We Are The Genbaku Onanies [V0] {YOUTH-912}

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sekiri (赤痢)

I was only going to do one artist today, but i just did the scans for my sekiri box and figured i should pop that up right now as well. Most japanese punk lovers are surely acquainted with sekiri, but in case you aren't... Sekiri was an all girl punk group from the early/mid-80's who kept rocking for more than a decade. Their sound is a sort of minimal punk, stripped down and sort of monotone and mellow with a slower tempo than most traditional punk. they would probably do better in a playlist alongside new wave and no wave groups rather than punk. either way, they are fuckin cool. their cd's aren't super hard to find, but they tend to be quite pricey, so when i saw that the amazing youth inc label had put out a box set last year, i couldn't resist (bought the genbaku onanies box at the same time). i believe all their albums were originally released on the amazing alchemy records label, though their first single and a couple other odd releases were on other independent labels. to my ears the box set is NOT remastered, and sounds exactly like my rips of sekiri ii and sekiri valley, which i have original releases for. i've included those in my directory as well just for you collectors who may want the original pressings. the box also comes with a live set from '87 at eggplant, and a dvd. i have not included a rip of the dvd. i don't remember if the live set had ever been released before, but i feel like it wasn't.. at least not to my knowledge.

Sekiri (2013.01.30) (anthology) Sekiri Box [V0] {YOUTH-201} Youth Inc. / Alchemy Records

Screaming Soul Hill

We're gonna start things off slow here with a test drive of this new idea, and i'm gonna change format from how i used to do things a little bit. I might change some things as i get going.. but we'll see. So check it out. come find me on slsk. i recommend popping into the 'japanese music room'.

I happened to be spinning these guys today so why not start here? some old followers of my collection may have tasted these guys before, but many probably have not yet. Screaming Soul Hill was a rock hip hop blend that at times could get lumped into rapcore or crossover labels, but really they make riff-heavy funky songs with an upbeat almost happy vibe with melodic hip hop vocals on top. My first experience with them was their Avalanche disc, which to this day remains my favorite from them though their earlier material has some gems that can outshine even that album. I feel like anyone who digs anything from Rip Slyme to Babamania could enjoy what these guys have going on vocally and vibe-wise with their happy feel, though their music is more rock/riff based and more akin to rapcore groups like Uzumaki. Avalanche in particular I think  at times demonstrates a severe fondness for Rage Against The Machine. Here's what is in my collection thus far, which is most of their releases. I'm sure at some point i will pick up their remaining singles, and i'd love to get my hands on their last ep and dvd.

Screaming Soul Hill (2000.12.27) (ep) Tokyo High World [V0] {MTCZ-1001} Polystar

Screaming Soul Hill (2002.04.03) (single) Stone [V0] {PCCA-01660} Pony Canyon

Screaming Soul Hill (2002.05.15) (album) Bring'em [V0] {PCCA-01689} Pony Canyon

Screaming Soul Hill (2002.12.04) (ep) Y'all, Let's Get It [V0] {PCCA-01796} Pony Canyon

Screaming Soul Hill (2003.06.18) (album) Avalanche [V0] {PCCA-01903} Pony Canyon