Sunday, January 7, 2018

Penpals - 2nd Coming

Penpals - 2nd Coming
321 Records Limited TOCT-24648

Today I have decided to hack and slash all my prices on discogs. deep discounts abound in an effort to move as much product as i can during the winter months while i prepare to hunt for land or a house to make my own. I needed something upbeat and energizing while I work on this arduous task which I imagine will actually take a few weeks to accomplish (i have over 5000 posts to edit manually). So I turned to an old favorite Penpals. Like most western folks I was introduced to Penpals via the unbelievably righteous song  Tell Me Why from the Berserk anime. I still get shivers when I listen to that song and there are many Penpals songs that fire me up like few things still do. fortuntely they have a huge catalog of releases and despite considering them one of my favorite alternative groups there are still corners of their discography that aren't super familiar to me (when you have tens of thousands of albums to sift through you don't tend to spend a lot of time on one disc, ya know?). 2nd Coming is one of those releases that i think i've only listened to once through and perhaps some songs on the ol' ipod on shuffle here and there. Unfortunately this album doesn't have any of the real Penpals standouts, but it's solid material none-the-less. "Oh Yeah" is probably the highlight of the album for me, and there are numerous other tracks that would make an alternative rock playlist for casual listening, and nothing i'd skip over. certainly not their strongest effort. but it would still rank above many lesser albums by other artists trying to accomplish the same thing.

Buy It.

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