Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Up Up And Away

hey folks.  discogs sales are going great. just hit sale #25. i have also just decided to ship worldwide! shipping costs are a bit pricey for most international sales (average cost is $13), but i had a lot of inquiries from other countries so i got myself setup and educated on what i need to do for international sales, and we're up and running!

again, you can find my inventory on discogs here

you can find periodic reviews of stuff i have for sale on facebook here

i've currently got over 1,100 things available on discogs and closing in on 7,000 that i own and just need to get up and available on the database. so if you are hunting for anything check it out.

cheers and thanks for the support
i hope to someday return to being an active sharer on various corners of the internet, but until i find an ISP that doesn't cap my bandwidth.. well.. not much i can do!

1 comment:

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