Monday, August 31, 2015

And it begins! Go Go Benten Label!

Alright, well I've decided to get started with some quick auctions instead of jumping right into discogs to see if i can shed some stuff quickly right off to generate a little income. You can check out my auctions HERE  ~ remember, this is for United States addresses only at this point in time. I know elsewhere it can be just as hard to find Japanese music, but right now my goal is to be a resource for my home country! All shipping costs are FREE, and i DO NOT ship media mail! i know how media mail gets treated. its slow, and it gets thrown around. so everything ships at least first class and should only take a few days to get wherever it's going. most everything is in amazing condition and i'll be sure to let you know if it's not. i know here in the states when you order used cd's in 'very good' condition, you might get something that is pretty beaten up, but rest assured, most of the japanese stuff i get is in pristine condition. i love it, and so will you.

my albums will typically start at $12 (remember, shipping is free, no matter how many you buy!), ep's a little less, and singles a little less than that. rarer, more obscure and harder to find releases of course will be more, but my goal is to always offer a fair and competitive price, and above all, just plain old availability here in the states. no more hassles of giant EMS shipping bills from Japan or dealing with middle men services and waiting for weeks to get things, or trying to navigate Japanese websites and all that jazz. i've got over 6000 cds, so chances are i've got something you want. and my goal is to turn around and use the money i earn to bring in more inventory, so stay tuned.

I am going to get things going with some fairly well known material and stuff that is fairly popular here in the states with the Benten Label.  For those who don't know, or need a refresher, Benten Label focuses on girl bands, primarily punky ones or ones with some garage influence, with the occasional a cappella girl group (candy eyeslugger) or ukulele sweet hearts (petty booka), but regardless of the style, a benten release is almost always upbeat, energetic, and fucking awesome. i currently own 39 different releases from the label. today i got the first 15 up for auction, and i will try to put up more tomorrow as well. time permitting, i will post some brief reviews of things that i put up for auction and so forth. For now, here's what i have, and i've put links to the ones up for auction so far!

DroopAlbum1992.03.24Loye LoyeBNTN-002
Various ArtistsOmnibus1994.06.01Benten BentohBNTN-003
The Flamenco A Go GoAlbum1994.10.15Fully Fed FreaksBNTN-004
Lolita No. 18Album1995.02.24Karate TeacherBNTN-006
NoodlesAlbum1995.05.26The Gravity ThiefBNTN-007
Various ArtistsOmnibus1996.01.26Benten UnpluggedBNTN-011
Smile Like DogAlbum1996.03.25Apple Juice TVBNTN-013
Petty BookaAlbum1996.05.25Fujiyama MamaBNTN-015
Lolita No. 18Album1996.07.25Sister Run NakedBNTN-016
Little FujikoAlbum1996.10.25White Peach JellyfishBNTN-017
Various ArtistsOmnibus1997.02.06Benten Bentoh Vol.2BNTN-020
DroopAlbum1997.03.25Punish Pungent WorldBNTN-022
NoodlesAlbum1997.06.25Slow CoasterBNTN-024
Candy EyesluggerEP1997.10.25Candy Pops #1BNTN-027
Candy EyesluggerEP1997.11.25Candy Pops #2BNTN-028
Candy EyesluggerEP1997.12.25Candy Pops #3BNTN-029
Mummy The PeepshowAlbum1998.02.25Mummy BouillonBNTN-031
Little FujikoAlbum1998.09.25Little FujikoBNTN-035
DroopAlbum (reissue)1999.05.25Punish Pungent WorldBNTN-038
Mummy The PeepshowAlbum1999.06.25This Is Egg Speaking...BNTN-040
Petty BookaAlbum1999.07.10Ukulele LadyBNTN-041
Various ArtistsOmnibus1999.09.22Benten Punk BentohBNTN-042
Candy EyesluggerAlbum1999.10.22Go!Go! Space FeverBNTN-043
Mummy The Peepshow vs. Punk AgainSplit Album2000.06.23Punk BonBNTN-048
K'Cou ChatAlbum2000.09.22K'Cou Chat Vol. 1BNTN-050
Mummy The PeepshowAlbum2000.10.27Electric Roller GirlBNTN-051
Hang On The BoxAlbum2001.04.27Yellow BananaBNTN-053
Various ArtistsOmnibus2001.10.05Benten Asian BentohBNTN-055
Nonstop BodyAlbum2001.10.26Turn Off!!BNTN-056
Soapland MomiyamaAlbum2002.04.26Kedamono DamonoBNTN-058
Lolita No. 18 / Nonstop BodySplit Album2002.04.26HangurubonBNTN-059
Soapland Momiyama & BozoSplit EP2003.03.26Yoru No Shit ParadeBNTN-061
Titan Go King'sAlbum2004.08.25Gut's☆IdolBNTN-062
TsushimamireAlbum2004.08.25Pregnant FantasyBNTN-063
Last TargetAlbum2004.10.27One Shot, One KillBNTN-064
Various ArtistsOmnibus1996.00.00Benten Anniversary 2nd Years Wild Wacky Gift!BNTN-666
Various ArtistsOmnibus1997.00.00Benten & Sister Anniversary 3rd Years Wild Wacky Gift!BNTN-6666


  1. ARGH. and i just read about the ebay fees. i knew it was 10% taken on sales, but i thought they gave you a lot more than 20 free listings per month. guess not anymore. like they don't make enough billions as it is....... fuck them. guess i'll be using discogs after all.

  2. let's do the math. if i sold every single cd i own on ebay vs discogs, i'd spend $3,960 more in fees on ebay if the average sale price was $12. fuck you ebay.