Sunday, February 1, 2015

Susumu Hirasawa (平沢進) / P-Model

this is probably the most important thing i could post and one of my most important contributions to the digital world archive.  look, i spend a lot of money on japanese music. but i usually try to be thrifty about it and make smart purchases (at least when i'm not buying vinyl). so to be the crazy bastard who drops over $600 on two anthology releases should say something about how important they are. I remember the first time i listened to his 'siren' album, laying on the floor in the sunshine of my florida apartment. i went to another planet that day. without drugs even (i don't do drugs!). Susumu is a genius. not only is his otherworldly approach to music and composition beyond words, his perspectives on the world, technology and how to produce art are stunning. he is an inspiration beyond words, and i hope he realizes it. I was disappointed to learn just now that the Ashu-On box has been redesigned and has some bonus material. bummer. it looks much nicer than the binder version i have. you should already know about these projects so i'm not going to spend time describing them or giving my opinion on them. but get these. listen to them. if they don't immediately change your life, give them time to grow. if this doesn't do anything for you than you and i can't be friends. if you are a collector and a susumu fan and you have a good income, do us all a favor and order yourself a copy of one of these anthologies from his website. if for nothing else, to say thank you and show respect to the man for giving us such tremendous gifts that we get to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

P-Model (2002.05.10) (anthology) Ashu-On In The Solar System [V0] {CHTE-0005-0020} {Chaos Union}

Susumu Hirasawa (2012.11.23) (anthology) Haldyn Dome [V0] {CHTE-0054~0069}


  1. Thanks so much. Can't wait to get through it.

  2. What has happened? Several weeks since last update. Cant find you on soulseek either, is this blog dead again?

  3. Hopes for the Return to the Arena that the Magistry is not Lost but Transmitted for all that come after us.

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