Thursday, January 8, 2015

War Painted City Indian

First things first, i've been working long hours this week, and will be for at least the next two weeks. but fear not, it won't prevent me from this grand relaunching of the vault. it will only slow me down.. a little.  so i might not be able to post a review and files to my director every day, though i will do my very best. but despite what might be up here on the blog, i will be adding additional files to my directory on slsk as much as possible. for instance, today i am only doing this one review, but i'm dumping rips of about a dozen other artists into my directory right now for you to paw through. so go check that out.

sometimes its overwhelming, especially at the beginning, to decide where to start from.. and the only thing i can think to do to keep from having my brain explode is to just start SOMEWHERE and just go in order. so i started at the top of one of my shelves, which happens to start at the letter S, and started the scanning process (which for most of my collection is the last step i have before i share.. MOST of my stuff is all ripped and cataloged.. just need to get high quality covers in there before i share them).  the stuff that pops up in my directory hopefully will all eventually have reviews/suggestions/mentions here on the blog, but for now i figure it will give some of you more stuff to dig though while you wait for me! eventually, hopefully, my entire collection will be available for you all to dig through at your leisure. but we've got to start somewhere, right?

NOW, My attraction to War Painted City Indian (sometimes credited as just City Indian) was almost immediate. they look crazy punk. their album covers are crazy punk. they have a cool name. and then when i put them on the music was like the perfect blend of oldschool thrash and oldschool punk and i was hooked. I don't really have a whole lot else to say about them, aside from the fact that they remain one of my favorite groups ever, for reasons i can't fully explain. but i guess that's the beauty of music. sometimes it just hits you. WPCI saw some incredible reissues a couple of years ago and i vowed that i would get myself copies, regardless of cost. and i did. though their full length album Howling On Fire was also reissued, i ended up landing an original pressing of this one for cheaper, so i didn't end up getting the reissue. at some point i probably will try to, just cuz. but for now i've just got the original. the anthology reissues are absolutely incredible though with pretty much everything this group ever did, previously only released on vinyl or not at all.

War Painted City Indian (1991.10.25) (album) Howling On Fire [V0] {M.L.R-001} {Monster Laboratory}

War Painted City Indian (2013.04.24) (anthology) Complete Discography [V0] {BOMBCD-108} {Time Bomb Records}

War Painted City Indian (2013.04.24) (anthology) W.P.C.I. Dynamite Years [V0] {BOMBCD-110} {Time Bomb Records}


  1. Great stuff, really stoked to hear it. Thanks!

  2. Is this on soulseek? Or do I download it right here? What is the name of your soulseek acount? Im new to soulseek I havent used it before

  3. Never mind I found you but after I´ve downloaded nothing is happening. How do I seed? Do I do it automatically?

    On a side note if you could upload everything you have by Sodom from their techno house era it would be great. I remember having one perticular album with the song Disco stick ("hit me with my disco stick, hit me slowly hit me quick"). I´ve been looking all over for that song since my old computer crashed and then I got round to it on the new one your blog got shut down.

  4. >Jens Olsson

    That track is their cover of Ian Dury & The Blockheads "Hit me with your rhythm stick"'s on the "King ov House" CD posted above.