Sunday, January 25, 2015

Uchoten (有頂天)

you probably don't need a history lesson on uchoten and why they are one of the most important bands for our little japanese fanboy communities, but i'll give you a couple bullet points. uchoten was fronted by the man behind the curtain, kera. kera was the man behind nagomu records who were front runners in an amazing new wave scene of japan, and even had such an impact to form loyal fan boys and girls who called themselves nagomu boys and nagomu gals. i can't even imagine how cool it must have been to be around that scene. uchoten's own music is no less impressive. its as fun as it is creative, and as catchy as it is those things. its japanese 80's at its finest and should be tasted at least once by everyone who loves music.

Uchoten (1986.05.00) (1988.12.21) (album reissue) Because [V0] {CAP-1007-CD} {Captain Records}

Uchoten (1990.06.30) (album) A Town That Colorful Merry Fell [V0] {TOCT-5659} {Spearhead EMI}

Uchoten (1990.11.14) (album) Deccacci [V0] {TOCT-5892} {Spearhead EMI}

Uchoten (1992.10.00) (anthology) Vegetable 1984-1987 [V0] {NG-077} {Nagomu Records}

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