Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sorede Yokatta No Ka? (それでよかったのか?)

I am at a loss why no one has ever heard of this group. i got them randomly just cruising a marketplace. i saw the cover for the single and noticed the kinda dark look to it and that it had two girls in the group. sometimes a promising looking cover is all i need when it only costs 100 yen. and very rarely do i turn up a lemon. this would be the opposite. so here we have female vocalst, piano, bass and drums. there's not a lot of piano rock groups out there, and out of those there aren't a lot that really fucking rule. if you like piano rock and or female fronted japanese bands then i have a lot of confidence that sorede yokatta no ka is going to quickly jump to the tops of your playlists. I'm not gonna bother picking apart what they sound like. i'm just going to tell you that Trauma is a must fucking hear album. p.s. all the tracks on the single, unfortunately, are taken from the album. so its 100% redundant.

Sorede Yokatta No Ka (2000.11.15) (album) Trauma [V0] {UMCK-4001} {Kitty MME Universal Music Company}

Sorede Yokatta No Ka (2000.11.15) (single) Mudai [V0] {UMCK-5505} {Kitty MME Universal Music Company}

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