Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sodom (ソドム)

sodom started out as a dark new wave industrial type group in the 80's and then somehow decided they wanted to go straight electronic/house. i don't have any of their early material on cd yet (though i do have a vinyl copy of tv murder that i have yet to rip), but i have managed to scrounge up some of their early 90's electronic stuff, which was released on some damn cool labels. its pretty cool, though still remains head scratching to me how they got to where they did from where they started.

Sodom (1989.04.21) (album) King Of House [V0] {GONG-6001} {Bang A Gong Captain Records}

Sodom (1990.07.01) (album) P.E. Peak Experience [V0] {EGO-004} {Transistor Record}

Sodom (1991.04.01) (album) Sodom [V0] {ALCA-119} {Alfa Records}

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  1. Actually, mr voodoo (hi! glad to see you're still at it) Sodom started as a hardcore punk band around 83. You'll see their first release was a part of the ADK OMNIBUS VOL 1 on adk records!!!!