Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sine Sine Dan (死ね死ね団)

This group (who often got romanized as shine shine dan, though on the nagomu comp it is clearly officially sine sine dan) got started way back on the nagomu records days.. i was thinking about holding out and doing a full nagomu records post cuz i just ordered i think 3 more of their anthology releases.. but i'm listening to these guys right now.. and it'll be a couple weeks before i get those, so whatever. these guys have an affinity for the hardcore punk side of things, doing some splits with crazy groups like qp crazy and whatnot.. but really musically there's a depth and texture to them that far exceeds any sort of punk tag. when they got started on nagomu they were certainly one of the more flamboyant and punk based groups for the label, but they still had that new wave post punk quality to them. For a group that has been around so long and has a decent sized catalog it is remarkably hard to stumble across their cds, so here are the only two i've scored thus far. highly recommended.

Sine Sine Dan (1999.11.09) (album) Baka no Tensai [V0] {DR-002CD} {Dai Nippon Record}

Sine Sine Dan (2005.12.07) (anthology) Nagomu Collection [V0] {DDCH-2512} {Nagomu Records}

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