Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sekiri (赤痢)

I was only going to do one artist today, but i just did the scans for my sekiri box and figured i should pop that up right now as well. Most japanese punk lovers are surely acquainted with sekiri, but in case you aren't... Sekiri was an all girl punk group from the early/mid-80's who kept rocking for more than a decade. Their sound is a sort of minimal punk, stripped down and sort of monotone and mellow with a slower tempo than most traditional punk. they would probably do better in a playlist alongside new wave and no wave groups rather than punk. either way, they are fuckin cool. their cd's aren't super hard to find, but they tend to be quite pricey, so when i saw that the amazing youth inc label had put out a box set last year, i couldn't resist (bought the genbaku onanies box at the same time). i believe all their albums were originally released on the amazing alchemy records label, though their first single and a couple other odd releases were on other independent labels. to my ears the box set is NOT remastered, and sounds exactly like my rips of sekiri ii and sekiri valley, which i have original releases for. i've included those in my directory as well just for you collectors who may want the original pressings. the box also comes with a live set from '87 at eggplant, and a dvd. i have not included a rip of the dvd. i don't remember if the live set had ever been released before, but i feel like it wasn't.. at least not to my knowledge.

Sekiri (2013.01.30) (anthology) Sekiri Box [V0] {YOUTH-201} Youth Inc. / Alchemy Records


  1. The second track of LOVE STAR, 19-Sai, is a cover of Warawa Rete by Totsuzen Danball. The lyrics are different but they have the same vocal delivery. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it since Totsuzen Danball are my favourite band.

    1. Actually, would it be possible for you to post the credits to some of these songs? I've listened to a few others which sound like they may be covers but I can't find the credits for them.

  2. man, that's a good catch! it's a total rip on totsuzen (who are totally fuckin cool!). unfortunately the box does not provide any credits whatsoever, just lyric sheets and a photobook.

  3. Damn cover
    I don't know them but you've tempted me to buy something from that girls