Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Secret Goldfish

Secret Goldfish were a group that i had never caught notice of over my long run in digging around the depths of the internet for japanese music. but, wonder release records was a label i had taken notice of and one day in searching the marketplace for WRR material, i saw a Secret Goldfish album for cheap, so into my basket it went. The sound is about what i anticipated from the label and the album artwork, and to me, that was a good thing. its sort of a hybrid between the jangly upbeat alternative rock of Pre-School (a WRR alumn) and the floaty shoegazey sounds of Venus Peter (another WRR mainstay). Quality shit, in other words.

Secret Goldfish (1993.06.25) (album) Tasted The Bee [V0] {WRR-17} {Wonder Release Records}

Secret Goldfish (1994.03.24) (album) Pop 69 [V0] {AJA-1202} {Aja Records}