Thursday, January 1, 2015

Screaming Soul Hill

We're gonna start things off slow here with a test drive of this new idea, and i'm gonna change format from how i used to do things a little bit. I might change some things as i get going.. but we'll see. So check it out. come find me on slsk. i recommend popping into the 'japanese music room'.

I happened to be spinning these guys today so why not start here? some old followers of my collection may have tasted these guys before, but many probably have not yet. Screaming Soul Hill was a rock hip hop blend that at times could get lumped into rapcore or crossover labels, but really they make riff-heavy funky songs with an upbeat almost happy vibe with melodic hip hop vocals on top. My first experience with them was their Avalanche disc, which to this day remains my favorite from them though their earlier material has some gems that can outshine even that album. I feel like anyone who digs anything from Rip Slyme to Babamania could enjoy what these guys have going on vocally and vibe-wise with their happy feel, though their music is more rock/riff based and more akin to rapcore groups like Uzumaki. Avalanche in particular I think  at times demonstrates a severe fondness for Rage Against The Machine. Here's what is in my collection thus far, which is most of their releases. I'm sure at some point i will pick up their remaining singles, and i'd love to get my hands on their last ep and dvd.

Screaming Soul Hill (2000.12.27) (ep) Tokyo High World [V0] {MTCZ-1001} Polystar

Screaming Soul Hill (2002.04.03) (single) Stone [V0] {PCCA-01660} Pony Canyon

Screaming Soul Hill (2002.05.15) (album) Bring'em [V0] {PCCA-01689} Pony Canyon

Screaming Soul Hill (2002.12.04) (ep) Y'all, Let's Get It [V0] {PCCA-01796} Pony Canyon

Screaming Soul Hill (2003.06.18) (album) Avalanche [V0] {PCCA-01903} Pony Canyon


  1. i need to do some organizing as i archive stuff into rars for sharing on slsk, and until i get some people in there and transferring and i see how this new version functions, i'm only going to share stuff that i post on the blog, but eventually i should have my entire collection in there for you to browse and snatch as you wish.

  2. and also i totally forgot to put my higher quality covers in these rar's. i scan my covers and do 1200x1200 and 500x500. the albums are tagged with the smaller, and i meant to add the higher into the folder. future rars will have these.