Sunday, January 4, 2015


just a quick post for today, but i didn't want the day to go by without offering anything at all. Sarry is a group i've had my eye on for quite a while. if you were around during the old days than you should remember that i am obsessed with record labels. well sarry was part of gyuune cassettes output, and thus landed on my must find list. i managed to snag one of their cds somewhat recently and have been listening to it a lot the last week. Sarry are a duo that make ethereal drone music. take your pick of descriptors. dreamy. psychedelic. whatever your pleasure is. regardless of the word, sarry is a group you can get lost in and drift away on. there's a darkness to it that feels somewhat ominous though so it might be made of the stuff of nightmares rather than dreams.

Sarry (2008.12.25) (album) Φ [V0] {CD95-41} {Gyuune Cassette}

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  1. voodoo how in the fuck i can buy this album or where i can found it, i spend a lot in jap music too ._. just sometimes is hard to find wtf!! IM GETTING DESPERATE! HELP MY ASS OFF PLS