Tuesday, January 27, 2015

not enough hours

so i've been working 10-12 hour days this past week due to an emergency at my workplace and them being shorthanded. today there is a blizzard and everything is shut down, so i've got some time to get some shit done finally. and as i'm cranking through some scanning of covers i've just randomly got japanese releases from 1983 spinning. i find myself and my ocd undeniably attracted to groupings or categories when i listen to music. i love record labels and exploring as many of their releases as possible. and i also love cruising a particular year in a listening session. it gives me some sort of focus of where to dig in, and gives my imagination a destination to focus on as i listen. so right now i'm just cruising through osamu kataoka, oxydoll, pablo picasso, pineapple 4.9, the razz, reaction, the roosters, and on and on.  and i realize that my listening habits have been pretty stagnant lately. i mean, for 3 years ever since the original blog went offline i haven't had much time for japanese music. and it really sucked. i wasn't happy during that time. i did a lot of great stuff with my life, but it all kinda felt a little hollow without music behind it. since i've gotten my life back to myself i've been focusing a lot of my listening on my own cd rips which i try to get as varied as possible, but ultimately its still mostly 80's mainstream, 90's and '00's. its been a long while since i've gotten back to spinning classic japanese stuff and all the crazy new wave vinyl rips that us few bloggers really got out into the world. and god damn, does it sound good. there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. i wish i could be a professional japanese music anthropologist archivist or librarian, or whateverthefuck. but where's the money in that? gotta pay the bills. gotta buy the house. gotta buy more vinyl and cds! anyway, i'm just happy to be back and sharing in some way. the work never ends. the music never ends. but life will. so let's enjoy the fuck out of it with some fucking music.

cheers.  hope you find some cool shit here. peace.


  1. "osamu kataoka, oxydoll, pablo picasso, pineapple 4.9, the razz, reaction, the roosters" ...haha, that's one hell of a mix!

    "gotta buy more vinyl and cds!" - I hear ya!

    Keep on posting man, glad to have you back!

  2. Hey, can relate to getting away and then coming back - did the same with my web radio. Your collection is pure gold and I've been downloading a lot over the past few days but since yesterday I can't connect to you. Did you change settings or block me?

  3. certainly not grahambaster. i will reboot slsk though in case that happens to fix anything

  4. working again today mebe reboot fixed, mebe something i did or planetary alignment i dunno