Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Miharu Koshi (コシミハル)

i don't have a lot of her releases (yet) because they tend to be quite pricey, but every once in a while a couple pop up for reasonable prices, and when i can, i snag them. Miharu started out with killer new wave synth pop material. always kinda on the weird side. i think frank chickens were probably big fans of hers, or vice versa, if that says anything (hopefully it does). Hopefully i can score discs of some of these at some point. she's got some weird kind of obsession with french influences that i don't know much about, but make for really interesting crossovers in sounds that you don't frequently hear in japanese stuff, frequently ending up in a sort of synth pop french opera nonsensical delight.  the albums i have here lean very heavily toward that french influence, with almost a carnival-esque or circus kind of vibe. like french cabaret theater music. Passepied and Source D'espoir are essentially all instrumental plus lyric-less melodic vocal passages. Chanson Solaire sees a lot of the same musical elements but with much more active lyrical voice parts.

Miharu Koshi (1989.10.25) (album) Passepied [V0] {00FD-7125} {Fun House Inc.}

Miharu Koshi (1992.10.01) (album) Source D'espoir [V0] {FHCF-2030} {Fun House Inc.}

Miharu Koshi (1995.10.25) (album) Chanson Solaire [V0] {FRCA-1002} {FOA Records}


  1. yeah, everything is available on soulseek. direct p2p sharing program. google it. install it. search, or join the japanese music room and look for me there. voodoo

  2. whats your username on soulseek?