Friday, January 2, 2015

Metro Farce (メトロファルス)

Metro Farce gets my first nod on the blog as 'essential listening'.  Early connections with nagomu records, several releases on captain records, some egg man releases, and Lion Merry's giant mane of hair should all be reasons enough for you to want to check out Metro Farce. musically these guys are brilliant and pleasurable in every way. Early releases have the crazy upbeat new wave elements you'd expect from nagomu contributors. 'Gaia' found them getting a little more grounded with an earthy almost holistic type of new wave sound that i can't quickly compare with anyone else. followed up by 'good morning mr. talisman' which ends up feeling like a rapid departure (yet still wholly satisfying as part of their catalog) into pop rock as only new wave geniuses could do. the latest release that i have by them, 'limbo shima', finds them coming full circle back towards the Gaia sounds with more organic and folk sounds joining the frey yet time and maturity seems to have brought them to a masterpiece of an album.  there are many more albums in their catalogue that i will seek out with great fervor (i find myself equally excited by tracking down their first three albums as i do finding their most recent releases.. not many bands can put out such quality material at either end of such a lengthy career), but for now, this will have to wet your whistle. There have been a few other 'perfect' rips shared recently in various places, but as i've said before, currently i will only be sharing my own rips.

Metro Farce (1985.12.00) (live reissue) Touzoku Domono Yakaifuku [V0] {ECD-2301} {Egg-Man Co.} (1997.03.15)

Metro Farce (1986.10.10) (album reissue) Past Future Animators [V0] {CAP-1035} {Captain Records} (1989.09.05)

Metro Farce (1987.02.00) (album reissue) Stands [V0] {CAP-1036} {Captain Records} (1989.09.05)

Metro Farce (1988.00.00) (album reissue) Gaia [V0] {CAP-1037-CD} {Captain Records} (1989.09.05)

Metro Farce (1989.09.01) (album) Good Morning Mr. Talisman [V0] {HOOP-20342} {Polydor K.K.}

Metro Farce (1990.02.25) (ep) Sharakuseiya [V0] {HOOP-20375} {Polydor K.K.}

Metro Farce (1996.01.25) (album) Limbo Shima [V0] {ECD-3001} {Egg-Man Co.}

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  1. For those who don't know this band, check Sakamogi song (1982) and Barizanveaux (1983) first.
    Their music is more punkish on those albums, by far my favourites.
    Then it becomes a bit over produced and less dynamic imo.