Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Manna was a request made by someone back on the original blog a long long while back. i had never come across her stuff anywhere but eventually managed to get my hands on some of her discs to rectify the situation. i got kind of a trattoria records vibe from the album covers so i was fairly confident i wasn't wasting my money, and i wasn't far off. while manna isn't someone i will probably frequently play, her mellow but happy pop isn't something i'll hit the skip button on either. she's got kind of a silky lounge pop style. almost bossa nova-esque.

Manna (1991.09.21) (album) Manna [V0] {ALCA-179} {Alfa Records}

Manna (1992.02.21) (single) Happening [V0] {ALCA-260} {Alfa Records}

Manna (1992.07.01) (album) Blue In Green [V0] {ALCA-326} {Alfa Records}

Manna (1995.03.25) (ep) L'ange Et Le Diable [V0] {KTCR-1530} {Kitty Records}

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