Monday, January 19, 2015

how's everyone doing?

hey folks. haven't had a lot of time to post this week with busy work / friends / family schedule.  have the day off today, but i'm focusing on getting flacs up on what today. just thought i'd pop in and say hello. there has been a lot of activity on soulseek, which is nice to see! it'd be nice to see even more! i've got a decent number of albums up there that i haven't posted on the blog yet, so feel free to poke around. i'll be adding a lot more this week, i promise!

also, i'm getting ready to fire up full-on resale of japanese cds. i feel like the biggest marketplace is ebay, but they take such a high percentage on sales that it seems silly. maybe the rarer, hard to find stuff i'll put up there. i would love to support and their incredible marketplace and i've begun to put some stuff up there very slowly, but i'm not 100% sure that's going to be my home for resale either, plus it's a lot of time to add entries for stuff that isn't there already, which is a very worthwhile endeavor.. just time consuming. still pondering. i might use discogs but then create a blog/facebook site as promotion. not sure yet. just thought i'd mention it in case anyone here is interested in buying stuff.

anyway, have a good day. i'll probably do one post here later today for the blog i guess. why not! flac lovers, get on what already. need more japanese love there.


  1. Awesome. Due to my financial state it would be better to buy something from you than ordering it at amazon,etc
    Looking forward to more flacs (even when up to now I haven't found a way to install soulseek in Fedora!)

  2. Loving the blog/soulseek solution. Keep'em coming.

  3. Can definitively vouch for Discogs when it comes to selling stuff. Even though adding stuff to the database can be a pain, it still beats eBay for miles as far as selling fees and general hassle is concerned. Plus, stuff that is on folks wantlists can be moved pretty instantly (reasonably priced, of course).