Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friction, etc.

I don't have a lot of material by this essential group, but i'm listening to 'skin deep' right now and figured i should get this shit up, cuz why not. friction is one of the most important and influential early 'punk' bands, though in my mind they are far more deserving of the new wave or post punk tags. my history here is not as substantial as it should be, so i can't write you a biography of friction and it's members, but i'm sure there are some substantial details out there. but what you should know is that its members came from important groups, and would be members of other important groups, and its a web well worth getting stuck in. both Reck and Chico Hige had been performers in the early 70's psych abstact brain melters ○△□ (Maru Sankaku Shikaku). i imagine this group must have been some sort of art house theater group who made people go 'huh?!'. and you can see a lot of this mentality survive in friction later. in between there was 3/3 (which unfortunately i don't have discs of), who were getting more into the punk and classic rock influences. then came friction who sat sort of in between the two, going more new wave. friction members would come and go, and often their replacements were noteworthy musicians, including the drummer Sato Minoru who came from the amazing group akebono jirushi (whom i only have on vinyl, and won't be sharing those rips... yet...) and would move on to super group Rosso. there are many other connections throughout the history of friction, but the only other one that i actually have something to share from is the solo material of the great chico hige. a few of his records are fairly easily found around the music trading world, but i stumbled upon another release of his that i hadn't seen make its way onto the internet on the incredible transistor record that i am so obsessed with. this sexy little ep is a groove-filled new wave rock gem in my opinion.  all of these releases have tremendous amounts of power for you to behold. don't delay.  also, it would be totally inappropriate to not mention that the original pressings of some of these were released on the incredible Pass Records, with reissues handled by the delicious Wax Records.

Maru Sankaku Shikaku (1973.00.00) (2001.12.24) (album reissue) Maru Sankaku Shikaku [V0] {CTCD-362-364} {Captain Trip Records}

This album had mail-in bonus records called Four and Five. I have never seen a rip of 5 anywhere and this reissue only covers the first three official records. unfortunately, somehow, captain trip records thought it was ok to press this as a lossy master (meaning frequencies have been filtered out) from vinyl sources. 

Friction (1980.00.00) (1988.09.25) (album reissue) Atsureki (1980) [V0] {32WXD-106} {Wax Records}
this album, often hailed as one of the more essential discs in japan rock history, is frequently titled as Friction in the western world, but the spine and obi give the actual japanese characters 軋轢 which translates to Atsureki, which means Friction. I choose to use Atsureki as the title. 

Friction (1980.00.00) (single reissue) I Can Tell (1980) [V0] {WAX-13} {Wax Records}
This release is frequently listed as Pistol i guess because of the cover, but is clearly labeled as I Can Tell c/w Pistol, as I Can Tell was the original A-side. The reissue has no clear release date, but based on the cat # it is probably 2001 or 2002.

Friction (1982.00.00) (1989.00.00) (album reissue) Skin Deep [V0] {22WXD-127} {Wax Records}

Chico Hige & The Unit (1991.07.21) (ep) Chico Hige & The Unit [V0] {TAX-027} {Transistor Record}

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