Friday, January 2, 2015

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So yeah, I'm just diving in with this new idea, feel free to comment or ask questions, or send requests or suggestions.. whatever. slsk is pretty self explanatory and easy to get and set up, so i hope to see more of you in there. only a couple have jumped in so far, so we'll see how it goes. if we can keep it up it would be cool to build a nice little community / database. right now the only things i'm putting into my share directory are the things i post on the blog of my own personal rips. this is mostly because i have to do a few things to prep them for proper sharing. (oh yeah, and for slsk i've decided to only do mp3 since that seems to be where most people's interests are.. if you want flac, get the hell on already). so this is why it will be slow at first:

a) rename my folders. i had settled on a format for a different purpose than i used to use, and i don't like it, so i need to rename them as i prep them. i have kept my own rips in a separate directory.. so its time to get this thing organized properly.

b) finally properly set up my tag info with scans and record labels

c) scan, edit, export front covers for most of my rips. i neglected this for a long time, so i'm finally doin it.  i wanted to do full scans for archival but with the number of discs i have, this is simply not possible at this time.

d) make rar files and dump them in the proper directory.

i'm kind of OCD, i know. but i'm tired of the fuckin mess that comes with downloading shit from most people. so i'm not gonna do that to you!

as i get a rhythm for these things (and some free time outside of work), i should be able to start building my directory quite quickly. probably this coming week i'll get a lot more stuff in there now that the holidays are passed.


tell all the bitches who have wandered off to get back to the voodoovault. let's get this shit going


i am going to go ahead and edit this post, cuz i feel like it, and i can do whatever i want, plus not many people are actually here yet to have already read this post once... ANYWAY.  i'm really fuckin thankful to finally be back in a place in my life where i can fall in love with all this music all over again. the last three years have been a long and bumpy ride, and most of the reason why the blog and myself completely disappeared is because i didn't have time to fix any of it because i was occupied with LIFE. but now it is MINE again. and so i hope we can get some people here to go along for the ride and get our japanese music on. cuz to me it's like fucking food and water. it's my life and energy, and i've been wilting for three years and its time to get fuckin ripped on japanese music. (and maybe lift some weights and jump on that bike while we're listening to it, yeah?) anyway, its good to be back, no matter how slow the start is. i'm dedicated to getting this archive sorted and out to you motherfuckers and talkin about cool bands from the east. 2015, let's fucking rock, bitch.

p.s. did i tell you i had all my shit stored in boxes in the basement (cuz i had to, life sucks) and my basement flooded? this was like 5 months ago... FORTUNATELY only the bottom 3 boxes bit the dust, but casualties are casualties and i lost about 150 cds (artwork died, cd's are fine), water damage and some complete casualties to my indies mags, nearly complete and catastrophic loss of my cassettes (goodbye gyuune cassette collection, and all my fuckin yximalloo tapes that i bought directly from him, and a bunch of really obscure releases that i'm sure i will never ever see again).  it was a heartbreaking experience.. but live and learn i guess. anyway, i figured i'd share that little cunt of a story while i was wasting your time typing. PEACE


  1. Man,I know how you feel
    I have to pay a great deal of money to get my japanese albums
    Just after lending one in particular I promised myself I wouldn't do the same stupidity again
    I'm member of jpopsuki,and although I recognise a lot of people apart from you make their best to upload good shit to the tracker we cannot compete against trending artists
    Only people like us understand how difficult is to get your hands on those desired records that not many people appreciate
    It's up to you sharing by DL,torrent or Soulseeker I don't mind cuz I know you will always upload interesting albums
    Good to know you're back!
    May this new year bring more japanese records for you :-)

  2. Holy shit, man! I didn't notice voodoovault was back til this very moment, best surprise! Very sorry for your loss at the basement, that really sucked.
    I'm mostly interested in the 80's new-wave/post-punk/goth and related stuff (+some 90s vkei as well) out of the wide range of genres you used to cover(it have been very scarce of new stuff popping up since your last activities at the jpopsuki) ... so, any triggered bullets already?
    Also, may I ask... are you taking requests? There are some records I've been craving to listen for a while, maybe you'd happen to have one or two of them.