Tuesday, December 30, 2014

p2p, oldschool

so, who wants to share some japanese music? i've been thinking, some of the older methods of sharing actually would make a lot of sense to get back to. instead of relying on hosts, why not go back to oldschool p2p and connect 1 to 1.  internet connections are much faster now than they used to be, so queues should be fairly easy to get through. anyone remember soulseek? well it still functions. one of the problems back in the day (with a lot of programs) was japanese characters not getting properly transferred. i remember that was one of the primary reasons i had initially started converting japanese characters to romaji for all the file names, so that people could actually connect and transfer my files (i had found a patch that supported unicode to allow me to get most things, but many users hadn't figured that out). but as a simpler workaround i was thinking of just rar'ing up all my albums so there are no japanese characters to deal with, and easier transfers (no worries about missing files or incompleted downloads, like i remember being an issue with soulseek in the past). i used to keep a redundant backup of all my albums in rar for uploading to megupload, and even before that, for sharing on emule (anyone remember THAT?). it would take quite a lot of time, and a lot of extra space to begin this endeavor.. but might be worth it?  i was thinking i could share flac and mp3 alike. just my own rips come in at over 3000 albums and the flacs alone take up almost 700gb. so with the mp3 on top of that, i'm looking at quite a lot of extra HD space. and that's just my own rips. forget about the old archive of mp3s...

the bugger is just browsing a list of files, you might not know what to get or check out, for example if you are searching for a particular genre. but i do have a running text archive of my collection that details record label, cat. #, release date, etc. would only take a couple days to add a genre column as well, and i could post that here as a reference point.

any thoughts?  i should see if i can set up a pole.. i think i remember doing that on the blog before. i have a few questions for anyone who might be popping in.. be right back!

here's a thought too.. just seeing the first few votes, people miss the blog as an interface.. but there aren't any real good methods of providing secure downloads on the blog anymore... so what if soulseek was the primary distribution, but i began posting reviews of albums on the blog again to aid in deciding what's worth checking out. so the blog would function similarly as before, but instead of a link for a file host, you'd just jump on soulseek and find it in my share directory. i kinda like this idea.


  1. Have you used Soulseek recently? I haven't had any issues transferring files with Japanese filenames for some time. The issue was fixed once I moved over to the newest version: SoulseekQt.

  2. I'm absolutely blown away by your idea! As a blogger (and a lover of Japanese music ... well quite a lot of it) it is eternally frustrating to have hosts die or mysteriously make uploads disappear. Even more frustrating for the visitors who find that the thing that they have been looking for has been erased in a (for instance) megaupload fiasco. I visited blogs for years before I ended up doing my own (Bleak Bliss). Other people's blogs have opened me up to so much music that would otherwise have passed me by. To have the music available via slsk with the blog running as a running thought process of reviews / recommendations / love affairs? It sounds like complete genius to me and I don't know why nobody has thought of it before! Your choice obviously, but I absolutely love the idea!!!

  3. I've been into Japanese music a lot lately. Acid Mothers Temple, Magical Power Mako, Taj Mahal Travellers, Les Rallizes Dénudés, Boris, Boredoms, Merzbow, High Rise, ... So, I'm interested to find out/listen to more. The combination of blog and Soulseek sounds good. Hope to see you there. Happy new year! likedeeler@slsk

  4. I agree. Why spending my leisure time searching like an idiot japanese albums if I could download them at ease using soulseeker?